Friday, 10 September 2010

'The Taint' review by Yasmin Vought screens 10 September

The Taint certainly is one of the most horrendously grotesque films of this year. Banned (or soon to be banned) in pretty much every state and territory that it was released in, it promises to shock, disgust, infuriate and disturb you to the core. The Taint is described as a satirical horror-comedy seeking to expose the misogynistic views of contemporary genre films, by being the most misogynistic film of all time.

My viewing notes for this film pretty much read as follows; “Penis…. Is that Corey, the social networking party dude? Human faeces… penis… severed penis… pinball music… penis… ahh that’s what ‘taint’ means… smashed heads… sperm explosion…” In light of this quite simplistic method of film analysis, please forgive me if I do not give you the usual run down on how tight the editing was and the details of fancy cinematography techniques, such as the depth of field in the face-mutilation scene. Because let’s face it, that would just be missing the point entirely. This is a trash film, best viewed trashed (responsibly and on SUFF wine of choice ‘Rosnay’ wine, of course!) or at least with your sense of humour intact and your mind firmly planted in the gutter.

Essentially this film is a horror comedy in the style of ‘Cannibal: The Musical’ and in my opinion, inspired by classics such as Dario Argento horror masterpiece, ‘Suspiria’ and countless John Waters trash flicks. The Taint’s film genre also borders on tacky romance at some points, with a few flashback scenes that are presented in a spoof soap opera style. Think ‘Mills and Boone’ meets ‘Passions’, only with mutilation and sexual violence. Ahh zombie love…

Drew Bolduc, the lead Actor and Director of ‘The Taint’ will be doing a Q&A after the SUFF screening of his film this Friday night at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. His character, Phil O’Ginny, reminds me of a mutant cross between Matt Stone and Napolean Dynamite. Drew also acted in and directed a short film in 2008 called ‘The Godening’, in which a young man loses his religion and becomes a hedonist and an alcoholic. He then has to battle Satan to save his soul from eternal damnation. I must see this film! Until then, I’ll be heading to the Factory Theatre this Friday night to watch ‘The Taint’ with some like minded creeps and weirdos and to hopefully ask Drew what his fascination is with bodily fluids and smashed heads. Catch this film before it’s banned!

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